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5 Most Fun and Functional IOS Applications

We have a lot of fun and functional apps in different categories in the App Store. Here are 5 iOS Applications that people love most across the world.


GuruShots is a favorite application for photo enthusiasts. he application, which is quite functional in terms of developing your photography ability and getting feedback about your photos, also has a daily photo contest where real prizes can be won.

ios apps

Click here to download GuruShots app.


Would you like to instantly turn your favorite photos into unique and eye-catching illustrations? Then meet the Inkwork application. With over 90 different variations, ink and paper selection, you can easily share photos you can customize on social networks.

ios apps

Click here to download Inkwork app.

Focus To-Do

The Focus To-Do application, which will help you to focus on what you will do, and to help you get through your delays, brings together task management and focus scales. Designed to focus your work and work within a certain period of time, the application is the driving force for you.

ios apps

Click here to download Focus To-Do app.


Anybuffer application you can use to store and organize your contacts, documents, images, texts, emails and more, is a successful service with iCloud support. The application is easy to use with drag-and-drop and copy / paste.

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Click here to download Anybuffer app.

Drafts 5

With the Drafts 5 application, it is possible to easily capture texts and instantly send the application or service you want, with the task of notepad, editor and spelling automation tool. We recommend you experiment with this practice to quickly draft your ideas, tasks and more.

ios apps

Click here to download Drafts 5 app.

Please, remember that some of these apps are not free. Do not forget to have a look at the price before downloading these fun and functional IOS apps.

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