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Apple Watch saved the life of the young girl!

Interesting event happened to a young girl using Apple Watch! The smart watch that instantly measures important information about health saved the girl’s life by pointing out something wrong in the young girl’s body. When used with the iPhone, the smart watch has access to almost any information of the person’s body. Thanks to this information, the young girl’s life has been saved!

Deanna Recktenwald, a Florida citizen, is an 18-year-old young girl. When the young girl was in church, Apple watch warned her and her mother. The young girl’s heart starts to beat at 190 strokes per minute, and then Apple’s smart watch indicates that the person must be taken to the hospital for that pulse. After that, the young girl goes to the hospital and becomes aware of serious health problems! Her mother stated that she did not know that the watch could give such a warning in her condition.

Apple Watch saved the life!

The girl using the Apple watch was taken to the hospital with an immediate hourly report. Then the fact that the heart burden increased due to the kidney failure of the daughter appeared. The young girl who learns that only 20% of her kidneys are working will be among the transfer candidates. Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned the event in the name of his company. Cook, who reported that he was very happy for the situation of the young girl, concluded by declaring that such events were not the first.

The pulse rate measured as 190 may cause life-threatening conditions. This data, which indicates that she is beating too much, appeared in the young girl’s body due to kidney failure. Those who ask for an Apple watch will have to think a bit more detail. Elderly people, especially those who want to control their health, can get support using Apple smart clock technology.

Apple said that such events further strengthened themselves. It is a very good thing that technology can make such a progress and have a positive effect on human life. In the event that such events are always happening positively!

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