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Have You Seen iOS 11’s The Latest Beta Version?

Apple has released the 10th beta version of the iOS 11 release, which is the number of days left for the definition. Here are details for iOS 11 Beta 10 for developers to use!

Apple has released a new beta version of the iOS 11 release, which was announced at WWDC 2017 and excited by iPhone and iPad users with dozens of different innovations, to stay in touch with users.

After giving up its two-week update period after iOS 11 Beta 6 on August 14, Apple released iOS 11 Beta 10 after its 9th beta release on August 31.

Let’s take a look at the changes that were introduced with the tenth beta release of iOS 11, which will meet users on September 12 at the Apple Park after the iPhone 8 event.

Testing continues for iOS 11!

Apple, along with the iOS 11 Beta 10 update, which is about 40 MB in size, focuses on bug fixes and performance improvement changes in a similar way to the Beta releases previously released.

We would like to remind you that owners of iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 3 and iPad 4 will not be able to take advantage of iOS 11, although it is expected that it will be the final test version of Beta 10, which is released for six days before the release of iOS 11.

In addition, along with iOS 11 Beta 10, Apple has released the public test version of iOS 11 Public Beta 9.

To install the iOS 11 Beta 10 update for developers, you need to install the UDID record of your device or the developer profile.

iMessage is getting new features

The iMessage application has been refreshed to make it more usable, if we look at what’s new with iOS 11. The iMessage application is now more useful with application shortcuts and shortcuts.

You can also store messages in the iMessage application with the new incoming feature now in the cloud.

Siri is growing up

Tim Cook, who stated that Siri has been renewed from the beginning, has announced that the virtual assistant will face up to the deeper learning abilities and new voice of iOS 11.

Siri, who will become smarter, will have the translation feature. This feature of the new Siri, which can translate to many languages, will be offered as a beta first.

Siri will be refreshing and will give you an important news while you are browsing the Apple News. Siri, who will become your comrade more than virtual assistant, will help you in a large part of your life.

Siri will translate from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, and will be able to translate more languages over time.

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