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Infographic: 6 Good Reasons To Buy An iPhone 7

The reasons to buy an iPhone 7 are countless, along with reasons not to buy one. This is why you have to think more than twice before the purchase. All the most popular and chosen mobile phones have many pros and cons, so you have to decide which pros are important to you and which cons can be ignored.

Here is the pros of iPhone 7:

Why To Buy an iphone 7
Why To Buy an iphone 7

Increased Battery Size

iPhone 7 with 14 % more space offers 2 hours longer usage. Battery is one of the biggest problems in the times of technology. Luckily, the axing of the headphone jack means more space for battery. 14% more space equals to upping the overall size to 1955mAh.

Basic Storage Options

The basic storage option has doubled to 32GB. So upgraders are effectively getting an extra 16GB of storage for free. This was one of the most common complaints about Apple products. Now, the situation seems to get better.

Easy To Use

iPhone is still the easiest phone to use by far with no separate app drawer for your apps. Everything is simple and there is no need to go long way to reach an application. It is fast and clear.


All iPhone owners can update to the latest version of iOS since day 1 including iPhone 7. It is an option to update it or not. There is a fact that iPhone requires regular updates for making use of the latest features, while you do not have upgrade your device in case when you are good with less features.

Water Resistance

Good news for long-standing iPhone users looking to upgrade to the iPhone 7: it’s water resistant, but, that doesn’t mean salt water. Taking your phone into the sea for some underwater shots will not give what you expect. So, watch out!

Beautiful Design

Apple products are always designed in a simple style and they win the battle in term of beauty. Apple gives the expectation considering the design with iPhone 7, too.

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