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Research Reveals: Windows Users Seem To Switch To Mac Soon

According to the research of U.S. computer owners, 21% of Windows laptop users are planning to switch to Mac soon, while just 2% of Mac owners say that they will use Windows.

In the next 6 – 24 months, many Windows users seem to buy a Mac. We can categorize these people as those with their high income brackets (around $150k plus), those with lower earnings in their teens and twenties with a possibility of increasing income. These detail are not surprising considering Apple’s modern and cool products.

A comparison: Mac vs Windows

The question of “should I prefer Mac or Windows?” lasts for many years across the world. Both sides have many advantages and disadvantages.

Mac has offered various innovative designs such as MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc since the first design of iMac in 1998. What remains the same with Apple products is the simple and cool design. On the other hand, Windows was not known to be a “nice-looking” technology until recent past. Now, there are ultra-slim and simple-designed devices for Windows as manufacturers have realized that people do not like wild and wacky devices.

One of the best things about Windows devices at the moment is that they offer such variety to users: gaming rigs, ultra slim models, devices that converts to and from a tablet and PC. These options makes Window attractive for a wide range of users, while Mac has a more limited audience. But the truth is that Macs come equipped with nearly everything you need for normal, consumer-level computing.

For years OS X and Windows have been over the same ground for long years. But since Windows 8 Microsoft has been taking its platform into new realms, incorporating touch and speech as significant factors.

So we can conclude as Mac to be a more compact and user friendly device while Windows is for multi purpose. You are the one to choose.

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