Eyebrows In Action For Rainbow Game Of iPhone X

Do you like playing games that are full of fun? If you own an iPhone X smartphone, you can have fun with Rainbow, which you can play using your eyebrows. The simple game developed by Nathan Gitter, a graduate of the Washington University computer science department, benefits from the blessings of the TrueDepth Camera system, as you would guess.

The mobile game Rainbow you can play with your eyebrows!

In the game you have to use your eyebrows to move up and down an emoji face to gather stars. Pretty simple. In the meantime, you have to overcome other emoji obstacles that will come out like cars, basketballs and ducks. Too much fun.

There is no level in the play, so as you progress, the obstacles increase and the game starts to get harder. Your goal is to get the highest possible score. Let’s just say that you are your only rival for now. On the other hand, the game is planned to have Game Center integration later and to provide multi-player competition.

The game tracking the face of the user in real time follows the location, topology and expression. The privacy policy underlines that the collected data will only be used for gaming purposes and will be hosted locally on the device. In addition, the data will only be used in the game session.

You can click here to download the completely free Rainbow for iOS game from the App Store.


What is TrueDepth tech?

TrueDepth technology is the part making Face ID with facial recogniyion possible in iPhone. TrueDepth also enables Apple’s new Animojis and other special effects that require a 3D model of the user’s face and head.

TrueDepth starts with a traditional 7MP front-facing “selfie” camera. It adds an infrared emitter that projects over 30,000 dots in a known pattern onto the user’s face. Those dots are then photographed by a dedicated infrared camera for analysis. There is a proximity sensor, presumably so that the system knows when a user is close enough to activate. An ambient light sensor helps the system set output light levels.