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iOS 12 Beta 2 released!

IOS 12 Beta 2 was released to developers for two weeks after the first beta was released for iOS 12, which was promoted by Apple at WWDC 2018 event and focused on high performance.

The feedback from users and developers is good for the first beta release of iOS 12. Even though they may experience difficulties with location services, they are offering a better experience than previous beta versions of previous iOS versions.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 12 Beta 2!

In the new Beta version, the splash screen of Display Time and Voice Notes has been changed. The location icon was changed while the Photos application was switching to a larger font for the Media Types and Albums sections.

The location service icon in the status bar is now a little smaller and nicer. Besides, users must be in the same Beta version to make group interviews via FaceTime. So, it’s not possible to make a group conversation between two iPhones or iPads with iOS 12 Beta 1 and Beta 2 installed.

iOS 12 Beta 2

In iOS 12 Beta 2, where battery usage graphics are improved, the screen duration feature now allows you to view usage on a single device or on all devices. In addition to these, a number of minor innovations and changes have been made in the second beta, which fixes the previous version of the errors.

The charts for activity and battery level for the last 24 hours have been redesigned in iOS 12 beta 2, and some of the wording has been updated in this section.

Apple has removed a toggle for clearing Screen Time data, and the interface for adding time limits to apps from the main Screen Time screen has been tweaked. In the first beta, when you tapped an app it went right into the limits interface, but now tapping on an app displays more info on the app, including daily average use, developer, category, and more, and lets you tap to set a limit.