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What About Apple’s WWDC 2018?

Apple held their annual developer conference WWDC 2018 last week. WWDC 2018, expected with great enthusiasm, was left behind as a software-focused presentation. So what did Apple announce at WWDC 2018?

iOS 12

The first announcement of the WWDC 2018 conference was the curious iPhone and iPad users’ iOS 12 update. IOS 12 users have been waiting for major problems with iOS 11. The new iOS version of Tim Cook’s announcement comes with performance improvements and innovations that will improve the user experience on the interface.

The first noteworthy innovation of this version was the acceleration of application and phone opening times. Especially the camera and keyboard were announced to be accelerated very seriously. The beta version also confirms this information. In addition to this enhancement, the Animoji feature has been made much more detailed. Apple was not satisfied with this during the presentation. With the feature named Memoji, you will be able to make avatars that are completely similar to yourself.

The grouped notification feature that iPhone users have been waiting for years is one of the most important innovations in iOS 12. iPhone users will be able to follow notifications from apps, grouped. iOS 12 introduces a feature similar to the Always On Display feature, which has been on the Android front for a long time, with Abuse mode.

Siri, on the other hand, increased the capabilities of iOS 12. Siri has features such as customizations and shortcuts in voice commands. Running a command you want with a single command over Siri will be extremely simple.


MacOS Mojave is much more enjoyable with MacOS

Another announcement from Apple was for the MacOS operating system. The new MacOS version, called Mojave, was especially acclaimed for its Dark Mode feature. This feature is extremely important in night-time use, as it does not distract users from their eyes.

WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch

Apple announced the WatchOS 5 update for its smart watch Apple Watch models. This update has become much more functional with options such as the Siri shortcut interface, contest modes in sporting activities.

Apple TV 4K and HDR update

The WWDC 2018 conference hosted the announcement of the 12th edition of the TVOS operating system on Apple TV. Together with the TVOS 12 update, Apple TV is expected to support 4K and HDR content. Another good thing is that previously purchased content can be upgraded to 4K and HDR versions for free.

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Those who want to use iOS 12 will wait for September

The WWDC 18 event introduced a new operating system that Apple has just introduced and has won. Of course the users wanted to download and use iOS 12 immediately after watching this activity, but unfortunately the new operating system was only offered to the developers.

iPhone users will wait a little longer for the new iOS because Apple will be using the new operating system with new iPhone models. For this reason, for the new iOS 12 users will be waiting for the autumn, September.

Beta version available this month

Users will be able to download the beta version of iOS 12 at the end of this month, but there is no definite date for it. Apple is already finding it more appropriate to give ambiguous news in the past instead of making long-term promises in recent times. By the end of June, the beta version is expected to be offered to the user.

What about iOS 12?

We all know that iOS 11 is a troubled update. If this is the case then Apple will avoid major innovations in the iOS 12 update to us.


iOS 12 will usually not go beyond what we have been doing to correct mistakes and update some minor enhancements. The latest news and leaks are already confirming our sayings.

We said we did not expect a design change in iOS 12, but that does not mean that some of the applications that come with the iPhone will not change. Our applications like Photos, Camera, Health can get Apple a new design. Another issue that will change the name of the iBooks app and leak only “Books”.

New operation system for new Macbook

At the WWDC 18 event, which was held on the first week of June and the first working day, there were innovations in MacOS for the iPhone models at the same time. We will present it to you in another news, but with the new MacOS, night mode usage is offered. It was a question put on top of the users and especially the programmers, and it was finally there. Along with the night mode, many features come with MacOS update.

ios 12 date
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When Will iOS 12 Be Promoted?

The date of WWDC 2018, where Apple introduces new software every year, has begun to be clarified. It is actually one of the biggest event in the world because global tech lovers keep waiting for it for the rest of the year. This is the time we are officially informed of new Apple softwares and products such as iOS 12 and iPhone SE 2. Well, when will this event be organized in 2018?

When will iOS 12 be promoted?

Apple is organizing an event for developers and other tech lovers every June. Known as the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), this event introduces new software for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Apart from the software, the new MacBook models are also introduced.

WWDC-2018-ios 12

There is no official statement from Apple about when WWDC 2018 will be held. It is estimated that the company will choose the McEnery Convention Center in California like the event in the previous year. The McEnery Convention Center is reserved for other events to be held during the second, third and fourth weeks of June. The first week of June (4-8 June) looks available on the reservation list of the congress center.

Apple does not have Apple’s name on the list of the congress center until the announcement of the event dates. For this reason we can say that WWDC 2018 will take place between June 4-8. iOS 12 is also likely to be promoted on Monday, June 4, the first day of your event.

On WWDC 2018, iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 will be introduced. The event is expected to introduce new Macbook models and the iPad Pro with Face ID, as well.

In the past year, 5000 developers and 1000 Apple engineers attended the conference and the ticket prices are around $1,599. Tickets are offered as a result of the lottery drawn between those who want to participate in the event.

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Inspiring concept for iOS 12

The concept design work for iOS 12 comes up with pretty good ideas. Here are concepts that iOS users will be very pleased with. What can be offered with the iOS 12? In the iOS 12 concept study by Ascending News, an even more simplified interface is considered. The clean and more aesthetic design appeals to the eye.

In addition, grouped notifications make us say “That’s it!” This feature, which collects multiple notifications from the same application in a single window on the Lock Screen, will hopefully real one day. As you know, when multiple messages arrive through WhatsApp, the screen fills up.

What is new in iOS 12?

A simpler display to make room for local storage is a great solution, which will catch up with the overflowing crowd. Guest Mode can make you comfortable when you entrust your device to those who want to look at your iPhone. The mode that prevents access to applications is very useful by protecting your photos or messages from unauthorized eyes. Reducing the need for power with less pixel and black and white transition to extend the battery life is also considered logical.


It’s too early to know what features Apple is planning to add (other than improved Shazam integration, following Apple’s acquisition of the company), but we’ve got a long list of wished-for features we didn’t get last time.

When the active screen feature is always turned on and the screen is touched, it is targeted to look at the desired information quickly. The use of Face ID or Touch ID to lock down apps is also an innovation that we do not yet understand why Apple does not offer. With this feature, it is stated that you will only be sure that you are opening applications.

One day in the hope that Apple will take into account these feedbacks and add more features like this to future iOS releases.