Best iOS Apps That Are Fun and Practical

In daily life, you spend a lot of time with your iPhone smartphone. iPhone with the help of iOS Apps enables you to have a chance to access all of the best apps that are both fun and practical for various purposes. Here are some of the best apps that will make you feel like you get all you need and even more.


Cappuccino provides you an opportunity to list all of your favorite news sources and organize them like your personalized newspaper. Moreover, it ensures you to get your personalized newspaper whenever you want.


Do you want to start your videos with a cool beginning? If the answer is yes, Videoblast is made for you. You can do that by choosing a template among variety of templates and specializing your text. Additionally, you can buy some of the templates and designs to enrich your videos.


By using Flows whose only purpose of this app is to make you feel relaxed and be calm, you can touch marvelous colors and beautiful waves with your fingers and you can create feast of colors. The only disadvantage of this app is that it is not free, we wish it was free…

Photo Studio – AR

Photo Studio – AR with increased artificial reality, gives you a photograph studio and only with one click you can take photos of the models. You can make your virtual super models pose whatever you want, it does not matter where. You can evaluate sun’s position and lights’ direction and take great photos with your super models.


Now imagine an app that every photo you see in this app can be accessed without paying any money. Unsplash is a kind of app that suits your imagination. You can use these amazing photos that have no mark on them wherever you want, like for your lock screen.


What does the new WhatsApp update offer?

With the new Whatsapp update for iOS, it has expanded to include a feature that users love to use. As you know, Whatsapp users were able to watch YouTube videos directly without leaving the Whatsapp application.

With this feature, older generation devices could watch the video directly without opening YouTube. This feature, which has been saving time, has been liked by every user.

The Whatsapp feature, which is also very useful in terms of user experience, is liked by users. Whatsapp decided to extend this feature a bit further after it was accepted by users.

New Whatsapp update on practicality

From now on, iPhone users using Whatsapp will be able to watch Instagram and Facebook videos they share, just as they do on YouTube videos. This Whatsapp update, which is expected to be available soon for Android users, looks like it will also get a full note from users.

WhatsApp Business ion its way to iOS!

WhatsApp Business was recently available for Android users. The app, which has received a lot of attention in a short period of time, seems to be coming for iOS users in the near future.


For now there is no clear information about the features of the WhatsApp Business version that will be coming for iOS – it’s actually an official statement. Still, some details about the application have emerged. Come together, let’s get to know these details that come to daylight.

Before sharing this information, I’ll underline: The app does not yet have a published version. We mean, it’s not in the App Store. WhatsApp Business is still in development stage, if not in the store.

According to the leaked information about the application, almost all of the features available in the Android version will certainly come in the iOS version as well. For this reason, the company first started to work on the congratulatory message feature. In fact, some images were leaked about the importance of congratulatory messages.

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5 Most Fun and Functional IOS Applications

We have a lot of fun and functional apps in different categories in the App Store. Here are 5 iOS Applications that people love most across the world.


GuruShots is a favorite application for photo enthusiasts. he application, which is quite functional in terms of developing your photography ability and getting feedback about your photos, also has a daily photo contest where real prizes can be won.

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Click here to download GuruShots app.


Would you like to instantly turn your favorite photos into unique and eye-catching illustrations? Then meet the Inkwork application. With over 90 different variations, ink and paper selection, you can easily share photos you can customize on social networks.

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Click here to download Inkwork app.

Focus To-Do

The Focus To-Do application, which will help you to focus on what you will do, and to help you get through your delays, brings together task management and focus scales. Designed to focus your work and work within a certain period of time, the application is the driving force for you.

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Click here to download Focus To-Do app.


Anybuffer application you can use to store and organize your contacts, documents, images, texts, emails and more, is a successful service with iCloud support. The application is easy to use with drag-and-drop and copy / paste.

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Click here to download Anybuffer app.

Drafts 5

With the Drafts 5 application, it is possible to easily capture texts and instantly send the application or service you want, with the task of notepad, editor and spelling automation tool. We recommend you experiment with this practice to quickly draft your ideas, tasks and more.

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Click here to download Drafts 5 app.

Please, remember that some of these apps are not free. Do not forget to have a look at the price before downloading these fun and functional IOS apps.


Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2018

You have taken photos with your iPhone smartphone, but now you need a photo editing application to edit them. The best iPhone photo editing apps you can use with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and other iOS-based smartphones will be your key to have great pictures!

2018’s best photo editing apps

With our iOS apps in our list, you can edit photos in professional level. With photo editing applications that offer plenty of filters and effects, and a variety of tools, you can be sure to look great on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here are the best iPhone photo editing applications of the year 2018 that you can download from the App Store.


fotoğraf düzenleme uygulamaları

Snapseed that has been discovered and purchased by Google has a great user interface for photo editing. The blurred background effect for portraits, and the fine adjustments you can apply to specific areas of the photo reveal eye-catching results. Filters, artistic effects and frames let you enrich your photos. Free Snapseed is a must for photo editing!


fotoğraf düzenleme uygulamaları

Enlight that won the Apple Design Award in 2017, offers a full range of photo editing tools. The application is notable with cropping, sizing, repositioning and advanced retouching features.

Dual exposure, perfect black and white conversion, analog and binary filters, masks and special curves control will be the key to manipulate your pictures. The Smart Photo Correction feature also instantly corrects overexposed or under-exposed photos.

Afterlight 2

fotoğraf düzenleme uygulamaları

Afterlight 2, a completely updated version of the popular Afterlight application, stands out with its better user interface and brand new features. The application provides advanced photo editing experience with its advanced tools, dust and light penetration fill, text insertion, filter collection and filter editing details.

We can also see the dual exposure feature in this application. You can also see all the details of your arrangements with full size zoom. There is no need to buy in-app later once you get the paid app.

Best iPhone camera apps (2018)

Best iPhone camera apps (2018)

Those who are devoted to mobile photography and own iPhone smartphone will definitely love this post. Here are the best iPhone camera apps you can use with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and other iOS based smartphones.

2018’s best iPhone camera apps

If iOS camera application does not satisfy you with manual settings, we guarantee you will enjoy much more taking photos with iOS applications in our list. Here are the best iPhone camera apps of 2018 that you can download from the App Store.


best ios apps procamera

ProCamera looks like a simple application at first glance, but definitely it is the best iOS camera application with its stability and features. Many third-party iPhone camera applications may crash during use. In this paid app, it is almost impossible to encounter such a problem.

The application is easy to use with all the necessary manual control options, and ideal for great photo shots. With ISO, shutter speed, white balance, aperture adjustment and independent focus settings you have complete control over your photo.

Camera +

best camera apps

Another camera application that is as successful as ProCamera is Camera+. The application offers the same features in a simpler way. ISO setting, shutter speed, white balance, aperture adjustment, exposure compensation, focus controls and more are still available in the Camera + application.

You can adjust the slope meter and horizon level. It is also possible to manually set the fast shutter speed, aperture lock and white balance. Rich photo editing options are also found. On the other hand, sometimes the application can crash when you are saving photos in top quality settings. Let’s also underline that the app does not record video. However, we recommend that you take a look at this application to take pictures with more control.

ProCam 5

Another very detailed iOS camera application is the ProCam 5: time Lapse, many shooting modes, clutter options, video recording capability and manual controls.

In addition to diaphragm, shutter speed, ISO, focus, white balance controls; with smart HDR, support for lossless TIFF and RAW (DNG) formats, the application is quite functional. With the ProCam 5, which features histogram and real-time equalization, you can also adjust the frame rate.