What does the new WhatsApp update offer?

With the new Whatsapp update for iOS, it has expanded to include a feature that users love to use. As you know, Whatsapp users were able to watch YouTube videos directly without leaving the Whatsapp application.

With this feature, older generation devices could watch the video directly without opening YouTube. This feature, which has been saving time, has been liked by every user.

The Whatsapp feature, which is also very useful in terms of user experience, is liked by users. Whatsapp decided to extend this feature a bit further after it was accepted by users.

New Whatsapp update on practicality

From now on, iPhone users using Whatsapp will be able to watch Instagram and Facebook videos they share, just as they do on YouTube videos. This Whatsapp update, which is expected to be available soon for Android users, looks like it will also get a full note from users.

WhatsApp Business ion its way to iOS!

WhatsApp Business was recently available for Android users. The app, which has received a lot of attention in a short period of time, seems to be coming for iOS users in the near future.


For now there is no clear information about the features of the WhatsApp Business version that will be coming for iOS – it’s actually an official statement. Still, some details about the application have emerged. Come together, let’s get to know these details that come to daylight.

Before sharing this information, I’ll underline: The app does not yet have a published version. We mean, it’s not in the App Store. WhatsApp Business is still in development stage, if not in the store.

According to the leaked information about the application, almost all of the features available in the Android version will certainly come in the iOS version as well. For this reason, the company first started to work on the congratulatory message feature. In fact, some images were leaked about the importance of congratulatory messages.