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Best 5 Features of iPad Mini 4

Apple’s iPad Mini 4 has a distinct minimalist design yet appeals to the users looking for the highest performance. Plus, in comparison to other iPad models that offer 128GB capacity, iPad Mini 4 prices are significantly low. Let’s look at best 5 unique characteristics iPad Mini 4 has.

Thinness and lightness

The first attractive feature of iPad Mini 4 is its thinness and lightness – it is 6.1mm thin and weights 295 grams. The portable design of Apple’s iPad 4 promises to make your life easier, as you can use your device wherever and whenever you want.

High level performance

Redefining Apple’s technical superiority in its unique design, iPad Mini 4 is a suitable device for laborious works such as video editing. iPad Mini 4 runs iOS11 and is powered by an A8 chip, allowing you to expect from this small device high-level performance. What is more, the iPad 4 Mini’s battery lasts up to 10 hours.

iPad 4 Mini prices

High visual quality

That iPad Mini 4 is “mini” does not mean that it minimizes the visual quality – iPad Mini 4 provides 2048×1536 screen resolution and 7.9in Retina display. iPad Mini 4 a visually satisfying technological experience not only thanks to its screen, though. With the improvements to their sensors and optics, two cameras integrated to iPad Mini 4 provides all you need to capture the moments as vividly as possible.

Wireless connectivity

iPad Mini 4 provides wireless connectivity up to 866 Mbps, thus enabling you to easily surf the web, download your documents or share with your family the photos you take. Or, you may want to choose the iPad Mini 4’s Wi-Fi + Cellular Model and continue to connect to the world wherever you are.

Affordable iPad 4 Mini prices

Want an iPad that is technically and aesthetically advanced but at the same time affordable? You should check the iPad Mini 4 prices, as Apple’s new model appeals to the users who care about their budgets.

The motto Apple uses for the iPad Mini 4 model well summarizes the experience it promises: “Mighty. Small.”