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5 Things To Know About iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro is one of the most popular tablets in the market. It is especially appealing for professionals. iPad Pro prices are quite suitable given its good performance. So, here are five things to know about iPad Pro if you consider buying one.

big screen and transportability

The first model of Pro which has a screen size of 12.9 inches, offers you the pleasure to work on a wide surface, making every image more vivid. Yet, in 2017 Pro released another model that has 10.5 inches for the sake of transportability without sacrificing its screen quality.

If you are interested in photoshop, you can also use Adobe’s Photoshop Fix designed for iPad in both models of different screen sizes.

Multitasking mode

This new feature was introduced with iOS 9. Pro’s multitasking mode enables you to run various applications at the same time. You can surf in Safari while watching videos on Youtube.

Given that it is a device that carries both the handiness of a phone and the sophistication of a computer, iPad Pro prices are not being too high.

Smart keyboard case

Although many tablets include a digital keyboard, iPad Pro offers a keyboard case for those who want to hit the keys. This smart keyboard is foldable, water-resistant and light, also quite thin with is thickness of just 4 mm. The keyboard can also be used as a case for protection.

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Sound quality

Pro has four speakers on its every corner to make the music surround you. The speakers also balance the sound no matter how you hold the device. The sound quality is a progress compared to the other tablet models of Apple.

A long battery life

Pro has a 30.4 Watt-hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The battery life can be lengthened up to 10 hours. This long battery life definitely makes it easier to use it every time in every place.

Apple Products

Best Apps That Are Compatible With Apple Pencil (2018)

Enriching the power of iPad Pro and 9.7-inch iPad tablets, Apple Pencil stands out with its many creative possibilities for users. A tool that lets you jot down notes and sketch ideas as naturally as you do on paper.Whether you’re marking up a complex document, designing a building onsite, or retouching layers in a photo, you get an astonishing selection of tools in a single instrument.

With amazing apps designed to take full advantage of its distinctive features, Apple Pencil offers unmatched versatility.We are here with the best Apple Pencil compatible applications for you.

Procreate 4

Procreate, the winner of the Apple Design Award and one of the App Store stars, stands out amongst others with its strongest sketch, picture and illustrative application. Offering a complete toolbox for artists, the application draws attention with its top-notch canvas resolution, 136 brilliant brushes and an advanced layering system. In addition, the application is powered by Silica M, the fastest 64-bit picture engine on iOS. The successful user interface also provides great ease of use.

MediaBang Paint

MediaBang Paint, an iPad version of MediaBang Paint Pro, free digital image software, appeals to anyone with a fairly easy use. It is possible to give your ideas a breath by applying various brushes, backgrounds, textures and comic strips.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

The brand of Adobe in the digital arts is, of course, unquestionable. Optimized for Apple Pencil-focused experience, Adobe Illustrator Draw meets all your needs for vector drawing. The application, which you can share your drawings with Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC on your desktop and laptop computer, is really successful with the layer management system. If we go in detail; it is possible to rename, duplicate, merge and edit your layers. The 64x zoom gives you the deepest detail. The free app offers much more for Adobe CC subscriptions.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Another Adobe application you can create with an Apple Pencil again: Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Tool sets and capabilities mean a free and successful alternative, which makes it easy to work with presets. Photoshop Sketch, Apple Pencil do the tilt and force detection well and reveal unique results. The application offers layer support and export capabilities in a variety of formats and resolutions. Let’s underline that you can get much more with in-app purchases.

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iPad Pro Product Review

Apple recently unveiled a new iPad Pro whose prices are starting from USD 614.24 in Japan up to USD 1551.69. Actually, the new model is an alternative to 9.7-inch iPad Pro offering a larger screen – 10.5-inch Retina display.The larger screen means Apple can now display a full-size keyboard on-screen, and has also managed to keep the weight at 477g. The new iPad Pro has a more powerful processor, and better cameras. The new iPad Pro comes with the same 12-megapixel OIS-enabled camera as the iPhone 7. You can capture and edit 4K video, too, and the front-facing camera has also been upgraded.

What is good in the new iPad Pro is striking with its faster performance and a brighter screen than the model it replaces, at a price that’s about half as much as the iPad Pro. It is also easier to use as a result of the integration between the hardware, software and App Store. What is bad in the new iPad Pro is that it is a little thicker and accordingly heavier.

“These are by far the most powerful iPads we’ve ever created with the world’s most advanced displays featuring ProMotion, the powerful new A10X Fusion chip and the advanced camera system of iPhone 7,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Product Marketing. “Together with iOS 11 these new iPad Pro models will radically change what users can do with iPad.”

The impressive, upgraded Retina show in iPad Pro components ProMotion, another innovation for scrolling, more prominent responsiveness and smoother movement content. With ProMotion, Apple Pencil is significantly more responsive with an industry-best, 20-millisecond idleness for considerably more liquid and characteristic drawing. Advancement likewise enhances show quality and decreases control utilization via consequently altering the show invigorate rate to coordinate the development of the substance. The iPad Pro is offered in Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold options.