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Charging revolution for new iPhone models!

New iPhone models that are expected to be introduced by Apple continues to come with new and exciting claims. Last but not least, the iPhone 9 has been in great demand for fast charging innovation.

iPhone 9 will be assertive about fast charging!

Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang explained that 2018 will offer faster charging capabilities in iPhone models. Accordingly, Apple will move to 9V 2A and 5V 3A charging systems instead of the existing 5V 2A. It is said that the company will supply new fast charge chipsets from Power Integrations.

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In this sense, Power Integrations will be the main supplier for charging solutions for all new iPhone and iPad devices instead of ON Semiconductor and NXP Semiconductor. The situation changes with the 6.1-inch LCD screen and the iPhone 9. The device is meant to use Texas Instruments components instead of Broadcom components for wireless charging technology. Because of this change, it is thought that the company wants to profit from the parts.

Where do this update come from?

The analyst says the company has several reasons for updating the charge. With this move, it is shared that more applications support, faster recharging and better competition with Android smartphones. Let’s also note that Apple offers the fast charging function in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models for the first time.

Thanks to the new 2018 iPhone models, the company’s year-to-year growth in iPhone sales will also increase in the second half of this year. Apple has sold 3.1 percent more smartphones for the second fiscal quarter. It is also claimed by Foxconn that new smartphones will be produced one month in advance. The company plans to produce more for the iPhone 9, which is expected to be lower priced than the other two models that will have OLED panels of 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches.

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Apple Never Stops: Rumours About New iPhone XI

iPhone 8 and iPhone X are still brand-new products, but Apple does not seem to wait to long for releasing another iPhone. Apple launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in September and November 2017 and rumours about the next iPhone has already come out in technology world.

Nobody knows the possible name of this new one, iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhoneXI, iPhone X Plus are among the guesses of tech lovers. It is highly possible that the current models will be on the top of smartphone market and September 2018 might be best time for launching the latest iPhone. It is not just us, many people think that way.

What can be different in 2018 model?

iPhone offers various screen sizes and the brand may add another alternative with even larger sizes. 6.0 or 6.5 inches are highly possible to exist in Apple Stores in 2018. The resolution is another feature to be developed. For now, Apple offers resolutions of 2436×1125 & 458 pixels per inch in iPhone X, 1920×1080 & 401ppi in iPhone 8 Plus and 1334×750 & 326ppi iPhone 8. So it is possible to find out iPhone XI (let’s call the next phone this way) with a resolution of  2688×1242 & 459ppi.

iPhone XI may also have a better screen with high quality glass. Cracks on screen or even broken screens are not few in number. This is why the brand may choose to eliminate this number.

iPhone prices in 2018

iPhone X starting from £999/$999 is the most expensive smartphone in the world (right now towards the end of 2017). We do not think there will be a higher price in 2018. Or there will be a budget-friendly new option to compete with the highly priced iPhones. Because only the older models are affordable for many people, Apple may create an new an affordable alternative. At least we hope that! Time will let us know what will happen in 2018.

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Have you heard of Apple’s Next Smartphone: iPhone 9

September means Apple’s yearly Keynote, unveiling of every feature and bringing all those marvelous designs finally to our attention. We can’t stop waiting for this moment of reveal like parents locking their eyes to the ultrasound screen. We wonder how our baby will look like in the next generation release, or how smart it could get. And we finally have been informed and are ready to get excited for the next year’s Keynote.

However, there’ve already been speculations on next generation iPhone 9 (the name naturally remains unclear) just after the release of the 8th generation and iPhone X. We have to wait a whole year to know if these news are totally true, but we love hints and rumours about every Apple product, and talking won’t cost a penny to Apple’s big fan family.

Each iPhone Has A Unique Design

Alongside the delicious technological innovations, every iPhone outstands in the market with their unique design. So while iPhone 8 and X now got even better, we can expect ‘too much’ of the next generation product.

First of all, there’s an expectation about Super Retina Display, the feature Apple introduced this year in iPhone X, will also be built in the regular series which will take the screen experience marvelously beyond for each group of users. If Apple’s gonna use the same frameless style of iPhone X for their iPhone 9, it means the consecutive screen design having started with iPhone 6 will come to an end as well.

It’s also said that Apple is considering choosing Full Active LCD Panels by Japan Display over OLED screens as the cost value significantly differs which convinces Apple more easily. Moreover, the next generation iPhone could come in 3 different sizes: 5,28, 5,85 and 6,46 inches. But the 5.3-inch model is said to have been cancelled so we’re left with only two screen sizes but the biggest ones so far.

One way to be sure is of course waiting for the year 2018! We hope refinement in battery life and stronger performance as well but that’s usually realised in every generation. Last but not least, Face ID along with already featured Touch ID could be mind blowing.