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Apple Pricing and Discounts In Different Countries: Where To Go for A Cheap Apple

Apple is one of the love brands that are widely preferred around the world. The brand announced new products recently, among which iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X have already took their place among the most popular smart phones despite their really high prices. On the other hand, the fact that the prices and discounts are similar in every country. So, which countries are more advantageous in terms of prices of Apple?

The cheapest iPhone X on Apple stores costs 999 USD in USA while the cheapest iPhone 8 is 699 and iPhone 8 Plus 799 USD. In Europe, the price of iPhone X goes higher up to 1149 Euros in Germany while it is 1579 USD in Australia. When we check the price list in England, iPhone X comes up as 999 Pound, iPhone 8 649 Pound and iPhone 8 Plus 799 Pound.

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Heading to USA for a cheaper Apple

The prices quoted for US customers are exclusive of sales taxes, which vary state-by-state, while the UK prices include VAT. So it is a worldwide trend to buy Apple products during a travel to USA (even traveling to USA just to purchase an Apple); however, this gets less appealing as you have to pay VAT when you turn back to your own country. Especially in Europe, products such as iPhone X are so expensive that  it’s led thousands to eye-up transatlantic flights to see if it’s cheaper to fly across the pond to buy it. And it is, even with the cost of the flight, but there’s a catch: you would become an international electronics smuggler in doing so.

On the other hand, a flight ticket, the price for an iPhone and VAT in your country and accommodation costs may be very same with the price of an iPhone in your own country. The same amount of money may cover the expenses of a travel in a far country, which is not totally a bad idea. So just choose your own way!



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Where Can I Buy the Cheapest iPhone, and Is It Trustworthy?

As we all know now, iPhone has become the famous product of the globe. It is sold and bought in 33 countries around the world. Yet as we also know that prices are highly varied. Thus, if one wants to get a brand-new iPhone (any model) with an affordable price, one needs to track down the best deals.

In May, Deutsch Bank has published the report, Mapping the World’s Best Prices, showing different iPhone prices around the world. While it is logical to assume that Hong Kong would be the best option to buy the cheapest iPhone since the product is manufactured in China and first transported through there, the report shows otherwise.

The difference in the VAT (value added taxes), Apple’s pricing policy and of course, the currency appreciations cause difference in the prices. It seems that US has the lead in the cheapest prices while Turkey seems to be the most expensive country to buy one, with Brazil following it just behind. Yet still, one needs to know that US prices in the list do not include sales taxes while the most of Europe does, which makes US prices appear lower than they really are.

Where is the cheapest iPhone?

While considering the best price, relying only on the data from Apple’s website will not suffice. Not because of the difference in the tax regulations, customs and currency issues, there are also technical requirements for your iPhone to function well in your own country. Some features like network configurations and 3G/4G frequency depends on the country the phone is used. Likewise, some specific applications may not be functioning in your home.

Warranty is another issue, you need to check if it is country specific or not. Lastly, even though the service is available for your phone, the spare parts may not be in your reach which may turn out to be a major problem. It is better you ask first to your local store about the best functioning model so that your cheap foreign iPhone will not cost a bomb at home.